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Store all of your company's details in one place for easy access and reuse.

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Easily find reference details

All past details are automatically tagged with identifying information about the specific detail and the project that it was used on.

All your projects in one place

Search through your company's past projects to find the full collection of similar projects.

Improve Detailing Quality

Every RFI prompts valuable improvements to a detail but then the detail is created from scratch on the next project anyway. Years of coordination and experience are lost when a young designer draws an existing detail from scratch. Discover how Pirros stores all that knowledge to give younger staff superpowers.

Supercharge your drawing development

Manually drawing details is labor intensive, resource heavy, error-prone and expensive. Reduce the drawing burden by using details already compliant with your company's standards and effectively constructed on previous projects.

Build off the knowledge of your details

So much effort and knowledge is put into all your company’s details. Don’t let that knowledge die in your server. Aggregate all the information from your details across all your drawing production platforms to one location, so all the information is easily referenced.

Remove the headache of detail management

Adding new details to your current libraries can be a pain. With our platform, you can track data on which details are used more often than others, and automatically curate a list of details to standardize and vet.

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Optimized for ease of use and simplicity


Upload details directly from Revit and Pirros will automatically store the details data for you.


Search for details based on keywords or metadata associated with that detail or project.


Filters allows you to narrow your search based on any of the stored parameters.


Download details from Pirros straight to your Revit model so that you can get right back to modeling.


Share details with your coworkers and modelers so that they can easily view and download.


Each user can store a personalized collection of their favorite details.

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