The core deliverables of any design project are details, and the core expense is time

Our mission is simple: make managing projects easier for firms. We learned that we can reduce the burden associated with developing hundreds of details per project by giving designers access to everything their firm has developed in the past. Rather than spending hours digging through cluttered folders on a server, Pirros centralizes every detail a firm has produced and makes them accessible with a simple search.

Meet Our Co-Founders

Pirros was started by two structural engineers turned entrepreneurs. Ari and Peter spent time at a handful of different design firms and kept experiencing the same problems when it came to the detail management process and retrieval. The technology industry has overlooked the AE design space and the importance of details to a firm’s success. Pirros is on a mission to change that.

Ari Baranian

CEO | Co-founder

Peter Johann

COO | Co-founder

Get your details closer to design-ready than they’ve ever been

Spend less time fussing with details, and more time designing with Pirros.