Data Tracking & Detail Vetting

Perfect your most-used details

Pirros automatically tracks which details your firm uses the most, so you can perfect and reuse them over and over again.

Creating details from scratch is a burden on labor and quality

Every RFI prompts valuable improvements to a detail but then the detail is created from scratch on the next project anyway. When that happens, years of coordination and experience are lost. 

Supercharge your drawing development process

Redrawing details is labor intensive, resource heavy, error-prone and expensive. Reduce the drawing burden by using details already compliant with your company's standards and effectively constructed on previous projects.

Analyze your past projects

Pirros can analyze your past projects and track which details have been used the most. If a detail has been used multiple times and there isn't a vetted version of that detail in your library, Pirros will flag that detail and put it in a queue.

Pirros automatically tracks detail use

As you work, Pirros tracks data on which details are used more often than others, and automatically curates a list of details to standardize and vet. This means your firm’s detailing process constantly becomes more efficient without requiring additional labor.


Check out some of our recently asked questions.

How do we handle duplicate details?

Our software can analyze the content inside a detail and determine if the detail is a duplicate or sufficiently similar. If details meet a certain threshold of similarity, we automatically group them together.

What information and data is tracked?

We track any and all data that could provide useful insights. Common searches, number of times a detail is viewed, number of times a detail is downloaded, details used on the most past projects, which details have been downloaded into active projects, etc. We provide analytics on our platform, and we also provide customer analytic reporting.

If we sign up for your software, do you provide training?

Yes! We provide company wide training when your firm signs up. We also provide continuous customer support so if any of your AEs have questions, we will be sure to answer them immediately.

If we upload our information to your website, do other firms have access to it?

No. All your data is your proprietary information and your firm retains full ownership of it. Nobody outside of your firm has access to any of your information, and if you want to discontinue your subscription, we can delete all your data off our servers.

Does Pirros provide details or just hosts our own details?

Pirros is a platform that hosts your firms details. Every firm has their own standards and way of doing things, and it's not our place to tell you which one is right or wrong. In addition, your firm likely designs 1000s of new details every year, so you would be surprised how many different detailing conditions your firm has already encountered.

Our firm already has a good detail library, do we need this?

Yes! Detail management doesn't stop once you build out your detail library. New details are constantly being created and existing details are constantly being updated and modified. If your firm has an elaborate in house detail library, it's probably because they recognize the value of good detail management. And the more a firm values detail management, the more they benefit from having the #1 detail management platform in the industry.

Get your details closer to design-ready than they’ve ever been

Spend less time fussing with details, and more time designing with Pirros.