Search & Filter

Find the best detail for the job

The search function within Pirros takes advantage of all the metadata and notes within each detail to ensure you find the right detail in under a minute.

Spend less billable hours searching, and more designing

Instead of scrolling through thousands of details hoping to find the right one, the search and filter functions within Pirros help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Reference past details quickly

All past details are automatically tagged with identifying information about the specific project it was used on. Filter down to only view details that have the appropriate nuances (e.g. manufacturer, location, code cycle) for your active project.

Never use out-of-date details again

Ensure that your new hires only use vetted details by restricting their ability to reuse project specific details.

Seamless adoption

We make onboarding fast and painless for you. Send us your current organization system (including tags, notes, and more), and we’ll set everything up for you. Once it’s ready, you can start using Pirros at its full capacity.


Check out some of our recently asked questions.

If we sign up for your software, do you provide training?

Yes! We provide company wide training when your firm signs up. We also provide continuous customer support so if any of your AEs have questions, we will be sure to answer them immediately.

If we upload our information to your website, do other firms have access to it?

No. All your data is your proprietary information and your firm retains full ownership of it. Nobody outside of your firm has access to any of your information, and if you want to discontinue your subscription, we can delete all your data off our servers.

Does Pirros provide details or just hosts our own details?

Pirros is a platform that hosts your firms details. Every firm has their own standards and way of doing things, and it's not our place to tell you which one is right or wrong. In addition, your firm likely designs 1000s of new details every year, so you would be surprised how many different detailing conditions your firm has already encountered.

Our firm already has a good detail library, do we need this?

Yes! Detail management doesn't stop once you build out your detail library. New details are constantly being created and existing details are constantly being updated and modified. If your firm has an elaborate in house detail library, it's probably because they recognize the value of good detail management. And the more a firm values detail management, the more they benefit from having the #1 detail management platform in the industry.

Get your details closer to design-ready than they’ve ever been

Spend less time fussing with details, and more time designing with Pirros.